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Business For Sale

Freedom Kids feels like our fourth child - we've nurtured her through the intense newborn phase (sleep deprivation included!), she's learnt to walk, and then run, and now she's ready to spread her wings.

We’ve had a fun adventure with Freedom Kids. We’ve learnt so much, and loved the journey. We have got some other opportunities opening up, and know it’s time to pass Freedom Kids on to new owners. We are excited about this next step for the business.

We are coordinating the business sale ourselves: we want to be open, transparent and available to potential buyers right from the very start. One of Freedom Kids’ core values is ethical trading, and we want to know that potential buyers have all the information they need, and they hear it from us.


Potential buyers may be seasoned business owners, but we also know this may be their first foray into business ownership. For the latter, we particularly want to make this process as clear and simple as possible.

If you are interested in learning more, please email us and we can send you our flyer and an outline of the sale process.

Rachel x