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Coddi & Womple

Cedar in the Berry Bush Short Sleeve Dress (4 years)

Cedar in the Berry Bush Short Sleeve Dress (4 years)

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High in the hills of the New Zealand bush, fantails fly in loops with a whooosh.  Here blackberries grow wild to keep your tummy fed, from black to purple and not-ready red.

All the animals gather around, from Bob the swooping fantail to Thistle on the ground.  But as they sneak a berry, the bush gives them a tickle, and.....OUCH!!!  They are suddenly scratched by a prickle!

Then with a rustle the bush starts to rise - all of the animals jump back in surprise!  Well, it wasn't the bush that was moving at all; it was hairy and red and growing so tall!!

With a stomp, stomp, stomp, his heavy hooves go by - here, there and everywhere, all the berries fly!  Not a single prickle is to be seen; just berries of purple and leaves of green.

Down flies Bob to catch the big berries.  Thistle finds a patch and is feeling rather merry.  Who is this beast?  He's not at all mean.  Giving us berries, could this be a dream?

"My name is Cedar" a booming voice calls.  They look up to see someone strong, hairy and tall.  His antlers are wrapped with prickle vines  "There you go little one.  Berries taste divine".

Just like a king wearing a crown, he tears through the bush sharing kindness around.  Stomping his hooves, his booming voice sings "Berries are delicious, but kindness is king".

  • 95% GOTS certified organic cotton , 5% Elastine 
  • May shrink 5%
  • Short Sleeves
  • Twirl Dress
  • Side pockets for collecting curious things
  • Please refer to images for Size Guide

All Coddi & Womple prints are designed in New Zealand with a dream, pencil and paper. Hand drawn, the old school way and brought to life the new school way to celebrate our creatures just. as. they. are - because they are perfect as they are. 
The garments are hand made in India with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and produced in a fair-trade & sustainable manner.  Coddi and Womple captures the fleeting magic of childhood.