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Coddi & Womple

Rupert in the Rainbow Rain TEEN/ADULT Dress (S)

Rupert in the Rainbow Rain TEEN/ADULT Dress (S)

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At the end of a hot day in the land down under, the earth gave some relief with rain and thunder.  As the raindrops fell the animals danced - the big bull bucked and the horses pranced.  

But none were as happy as the green tree frog who sang and sang his happy song.  He croaked in the trees and on the windowsill, but he wanted to get louder and louder still!  He climbed into the house where the water overflows, and used the pipe's echo as a microphone.  

Well, he no longer croaked, but sang it in notes: with a "ru" and a "pert" and a "ru-pert ru", and the rain changed colour from crystal blue to purple, green, oranges - all the rainbow hues.  

He called to other frogs to share his puddle: It's a rather great place to have a cuddle.  It's deep, but not too much, and will keep your skin wet".  

"Ruuuupert" a frog called, and they started a duet.  

Under the rainbow rain on a hot night, green tree frogs croak till light.  

They sing for the rain, they sing for their friends, they dance while you sleep until the night ends.

  • 95% GOTS certified organic cotton , 5% Elastine
  • Elbow-length sleeves with flare cuffs
  • Flare Dress
  • Crossover bust for breastfeeding
  • Side pockets for collecting curious (& practical!) things
  • Please refer to images for Size Guide

All Coddi & Womple prints are designed in New Zealand with a dream, pencil and paper. Hand drawn, the old school way and brought to life the new school way to celebrate our creatures just. as. they. are - because they are perfect as they are. 
The garments are hand made in India with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and produced in a fair-trade & sustainable manner.  Coddi and Womple captures the fleeting magic of childhood.