Opening Our Eyes to Non-Ethical Fashion

Rachel Hansen

Posted on October 24 2015

Opening Our Eyes to Non-Ethical Fashion

Last December I started establishing Freedom Kids.  At that point I was really focussed on our clothing making no reference to gender: all the colours and all the clothes for all the kids was my mantra!

In January, a video popped up in my Facebook feed about ethical fashion: Three young Norwegian fashion designers participated in a social experiment where they lived in Cambodia and worked as textile workers for a month.  They created a video series showing first-hand the horrors of sweatshop labour.

I realised that there is no way that I could run a business knowing that the products I was selling were made by children, or by workers in awful conditions. No way.  Thus my journey really became focussed on offering gender-free AND ethical clothing.  It would be completely hypocritical for us to offer clothing focussed on freeing and empowering kids, knowing that the same clothing oppressed the people that made them.

All the colours and all the clothes for all the kids is still my mantra, BUT only if I know the production line and know that no one has suffered in the making of the clothes.

I highly recommend you watch this documentary (the one minute trailer is below).  I then challenge you to walk in to a mainstream clothing store and consider who made those clothes, without a shiver running down your spine.


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