Our Story - Who We Are


Hello and welcome to Freedom Kids 

We're so glad you stopped by & have taken a moment to check us out – who we are and what we’re all about! 

Freedom Kids was birthed in 2015 through a genuine desire to create awareness about, and offer an alternative to, highly-gendered, sweatshop-made clothes that dominate the children’s clothing industry.  As such we are very careful in our selection process and we are so excited to share with you the collection we have found.  The journey to find ethically made clothing began in Aotearoa New Zealand and has continued around the globe as we have committed ourselves to finding only the best to offer you!  And what does the “best” look like?  For us the best means that the companies we deal with must be ethical, demonstrate respect for their consumers, be transparent, use quality fabrics and their clothing must allow children to play freely – free from constraints, physical and social.  The clothes must allow our kids to actually be kids!  Childhood is only a brief moment in time and we strongly believe that children should be able to embrace and live in every moment of it….full of freedom!

So we found all the colours and all the clothes for every body!

We meet the most incredible people through this business – small companies challenging the norms and demanding better conditions for humankind because of people like yourselves who are standing up for the values that you believe in and want to see positive changes in the world – lives impacted and the planet saved.  We’re always looking for new companies to partner with to offer you new and exciting alternatives!

And because we are a New Zealand owned and operated company our customers have the full protection of Consumer Guarantees Act, and other applicable New Zealand laws.

Behind the scenes, I’m Kath, the owner of Freedom Kids.  I live with in a small town in New Zealand with my husband and our five sons who range in age from 19 to 5 years old – so we have LOTS of opportunity to toughness test our clothing and ensure it lasts!  We have some pretty strong family values and we believe that our business needs to have them as well, which this means Freedom Kids doesn’t compromise on kindness, ethics, respect, global awareness, dignity, fun and most importantly…..LOVE!  We would love you to join us on the journey to impact and equip our children with the knowledge that they can do anything they want and be totally true to themselves, while creating positive change in the world .

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Thanks for joining the journey to make a positive change in the world,