We are a family-owned business and Freedom Kids was created from a strong belief in social and environmental responsibility.  

Social responsibility:

  • All our clothing can be worn by children of all genders, and none of our clothing will reference gender stereotypes.
  • We support small-businesses: many of our suppliers are one-person-superpeople!
  • All our clothing has been ethically made.  This means that all our clothing suppliers ensure that the people making the clothes comply with internationally agreed labour rights.
  • We support Fair Trade: Fair Trade focuses on exports from developing countries to developed countries. For goods that are made in non-OECD or EU countries, we aim to stock only Fair Trade certified goods.  We acknowledge that full Fair Trade certification takes time, energy and money, so do work with some small NZ suppliers without certification that have transparent production processes. 
Environmental responsibility:
  • We endeavour to stock as much 'Made in NZ' clothing as we can, to minimise the environmental impact of shipping.
  • We endeavour to stock as much clothing made from organic fabric as we can. Such fabric is made from natural fibres that have been grown without any pesticides and other toxic materials, preserving the health of humans and the environment. 
  • Most of our clothing is custom-made in small runs especially for us. This is a way of encouraging quality and “slow fashion” over mass-produced disposable fashion.
  • Because our clothing can be worn by all genders, its likelihood of being worn by more children is much higher. This reduces consumption.
  • Some of our brands utilise recycled and fabric off-cuts. This helps prevent landfill.
  • All our packaging is all made from recycled material, and it is either recyclable or biodegradable. 
  • We are continually looking for ways to minimise consumption and make our home and office more 'earth friendly'.