Over the past 30 years children's clothing has become increasingly gendered. In the early 90s marketers realised that if they convinced parents that it was impossible for girls and boys to even wear the same t-shirts, then their companies stood to make a whole lot more money. For example, when I grew up in the 80s, t-shirts were not divided into genders, they were simply 'kids' t-shirts'. Fast forward to 2015 'girls' t-shirts' are significantly smaller/tighter than boys t-shirts,, either have puffed or capped sleeves and are usually limited in colour (mainly pink/purple) and icons (butterflies or princesses).

Research tells us that the way children are clothed has a big impact on the way people treat them, and the way they behave.  We have witnessed this first hand through observing our children interacting with people in our community.  Frustrated by the massive gender-divide in children's clothing, we decided that it was time someone offered kids an alternative to the highly-gendered, slogan-laden clothes that currently dominate children’s fashion.  

We do not stock 'boys' or 'girls' clothes. We do not define colours by gender. All the clothes and all the colours for all the kids. 

We want all kids to have the freedom to be who they are. The freedom to reach their potential without society's gender limitations placed on them.

 gender neutral socks boy pink pyjamaspuddle jumpers