Colours are for everyone! Dresses are for everyone! (Wise words from a 6 year old)

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Posted on March 23 2018

Colours are for everyone! Dresses are for everyone! (Wise words from a 6 year old)

This fabulous piece of writing was sent to me today by one of our favourite customers, six year old Ollie. All the words are his, dictated to his Mum to type. I feel honoured that Ollie has given us his words to share. I think he is one of the wisest kids I have ever met. He is happy for people to ask him questions, and here he answers some of the questions he is often asked....
My name is Ollie and I am six years old and I know the periodic table of the elements. I am good at maths and reading. I am a boy with long hair and I like wearing dresses and skirts and my favourite colour is all the colours.

Why do you wear pink?

Colours are for everyone.
Dark colours makes clothes less exciting. I love rainbows because they’re colourful. My favourite colour is all the colours of the rainbow, but if there is no rainbow stuff I would do something blue.
There’s no such thing as girls colours and boys colours because then no boys would be allowed to like pink and purple and no girls would be allowed to like orange and red and yellow. People should be able to wear what they want to wear because colours are for everybody!

Why are you wearing a dress?

Anyone can wear dresses.
I like dresses because they are easy to put on, but skirts are easier. With pants and jeans you have to do up buttons and sometimes it’s really hard to do up the buttons.
Dresses are good because I have less stuff I need to find when I’m getting ready because I like getting ready fast - I just need undies and a dress and I’m all done! That’s so cool!.
I wear a skirt over my leggings because it makes me look better than having just leggings and a t-shirt.
Skirts are good for spinning around because some go flat up and others go curved down and that's another reason why skirts are better than pants.
Some skirts and dresses have pockets and I like pockets coz you can store food in it that you're going to eat later. And you can keep your hands warm. I used to put rocks in my pockets when I had rock babies when I was three and four. Now I like to put my TYs Florell and Prince in my pockets and sometimes my wallet when I’m going op shopping.
I actually think people don’t let boys wear dresses and that is wrong. Some boys probably want to wear dresses and that is cool because anyone can. But when boys aren’t allowed to wear dresses but they want to, then they would feel sad.
Anyone can wear what they want to wear.

Why do you have long hair?

People can have long or short hair if they want.

I like to have long hair because I can hit my face with it when it is wet. When it is dry it keeps my head warm. Sometimes I wear my hair in plaits and sometimes in pigtails. Now my hair is long enough I can wear it in a ponytail too. 
My sister and my mum have short hair because they like short hair and that is good too.
There is no such thing as boy colours and girl colours because colours are for everyone who wants them. You should let your kid wear dresses and skirts if they want to even if they are a boy. And if you are a man, you can wear dresses too. And you can have long hair too.

Thank you so much Ollie. You rock!

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