Organic, Polyester-Free Velour from Duns Sweden

Rachel Hansen

Posted on September 02 2018

Organic, Polyester-Free Velour from Duns Sweden

We have just launched our new range of velour garments by Swedish designer Duns.  We are very excited to be offering this - it is polyester-free, made from 100% Organic GOTS approved cotton (usually velour has at least 20% polyester).

Duns have chosen to make their velour from 100% Organic cotton for two reasons: 

  1. They wanted to avoid synthetic materials. 
  2. The GOTS standards does not allow the use of more than 8% polyester in a product. For a polyester blend velour 18- 24% polyester would be needed. They wanted to meet the GOTS standard.
  3. From an environmental perspective, they are proud to have 100% organic cotton velour. A 100% cotton velour makes long lasting garments. 

Because it is made from 100% cotton, this velour is a little different from the solid dyed velour you will be used to. Velour is a fabric that can be woven or knitted, and the loops have been cut into hair. (Fabric with un-cut loops is called terry). Velour that uses polyester gives a thinner, smoother  and shiny velour. 

Some of the key points of difference with this velour are:

  • 100% cotton velour is more heavy than a synthetic blend velour.
  • The hair of a 100% cotton velour is shorter compared to a synthetic blend velour.
  • The look and hand feel has more in common with terry than a synthetic blend velour.
  • When you receive your velour garment, there might be creases from the folding. Shake it out, put it on a hanger or put the garment on and the crease will be gone.
  • The hair of the velour is printed and the base of the fabric is un-dyed. 
  • Velour can be tumble dried inside-out. A tumble dry will make the "hair" fall into the right position again. 

We have been consistently impressed with Duns Sweden's commitment to ethical trading and going above and beyond for the benefit of our environment. This 100% organic cotton velour is another example of their innovation and we are sure that kids will absolutely love this soft and cosy velour.

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