Our Fundraiser for The Aunties

Rachel Hansen

Posted on May 01 2018

Our Fundraiser for The Aunties

Freedom Kids was always going to be more than just another childrens' clothing company. We wanted to disrupt the status quo. We wanted to prove that businesses could succeed by focussing on more than monetary profit. We wanted to prove that there was a need for quality ethical kids clothing. We wanted to prove that despite the trend of hypergendering EVERYTHING for kids, there were still people who cared enough to give their kids the freedom of choice. And we wanted to make sure we could give back to the community. 

We have done a number of smaller donations and fundraisers, but this month will be our biggest one yet. We are delighted to announce that for the month of May we are collaborating with The Aunties for raise funds for the amazing work that they do. 

Will you join us?

The Aunties are a group of people who seek to provide support and serve as kaitiaki to the vulnerable, particularly those who have experienced domestic violence. The Aunties believe everyone has the right to be safe, to have shelter, to be fed, to be loved, to dream, to read, to write, to have their say, and to be heard. Where any of those things are missing, the Aunties mission is to help provide them - the practical things, and also in terms of advocacy and pastoral care.
The Aunties believe in manaakitanga - protecting the mana of the people they help so that they can find their way towards living independently, and with dignity and joy. The Aunties cater for women’s specific needs, including lots of love, if that’s what they’re after.
If you want to join us in raising funds for this valuable work, you simply need to enter 'aunties' at checkout. This will give YOU free NZ shipping PLUS we will donate 15% of your spend on full-price items to the Aunties. 

We are honoured to be able to help out the Aunties and we're looking forward to handing over a fat wad of cash* to them at the start of June.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you Aunty Jackie and all the other Aunties behind the scenes who make this organisation what it is.
Rachel xxx
(*that sounds fun, but in the interests of transparency it will probably be a boring internet banking transaction)


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