Hundreds & Thousands Knee-High Merino Socks (Newborn-12 years)

Hundreds & Thousands Knee-High Merino Socks (Newborn-12 years)

$20.95 NZD


Hundreds + Thousands - Pink with sprinkles of colour these are fun knee high merino socks.

Known as the socks that stay up and stay on, these fine knit merino wool Kneehigh socks fit warm and snug perfectly in boots, ski boots, riding boots and gumboots. While keeping kids warm, these socks also offer protection from stinging plants and insects. Perfect for hiking, camping, and general play! 

Made with active feet in mind, these merino socks keep kids warm and comfortable. Running, jumping, splashing and exploring - kids need socks that can keep up with the demands of busy feet. Resilient, without the bulk of traditional wool, merino wool is ideal for kids on the go.  Plus the external toe seam is non-irritating!

New Zealand Made, 70% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon + 5% Elastane with sizes knitted into every pair so no confusion over whose are whose!

Colours may vary slightly to photo depending on the batch.


Why Merino?

It is soft and doesn’t itch
Merino Wool fibres are finer than other wools so when spun the yarn becomes lovely and soft. This is why Merino Wool can be worn directly against skin, perfect for babies.

It keeps us dry
Merino Wool is able to take moisture away from the skin and then release the moisture back into the air keeping us nice and dry.

It can be worn all year round
Merino Wool is super clever at adjusting to changes in temperature. When the outside temperature is cold merino fibres are able to hold our body heat in but as the outside temperature rises the fibres are able to release the unwanted heat into the air.

It stays fresher for longer
Merino Wool fibres are pretty special, the fibres can trap odour so our socks stay fresher for longer.

It is a natural fibre
Merino Wool is a completely natural fibre, it is grown by Merino Sheep.

It is biodegradable
Merino Wool is made by nature making it completely biodegradable.

Lamington is 100% New Zealand owned, operated and staffed.  Auckland-based Sarah Teensma and her small team are responsible for virtually every aspect of the business, from designing the socks to overseeing production and distribution. The socks are made from globally-sourced  merino wool and everything is manufactured in New Zealand - including the packaging!