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Rachel Hansen

Posted on January 13 2015

Ten years ago when working at a London investment bank, my manager called me in to her office to discuss my career development. When she said "where do you see yourself in ten years Rachel?", I responded "growing veges on my organic farm". That kinda cut the conversation short. I have always been big on honesty though.

It has taken me 10.5 years, but we have just bought our piece of land, and I reckon it won't be long until our first veges are produced 

This has all happened REALLY fast. I had a leisurely 2015 planned, focusing on launching Freedom Kids' first range of clothing. That may still happen, but for the next couple of months the pace of Freedom Kids will slow. Which I think can be a good thing. While I am painting, and digging and planting, and watching my kids explore their new world as country kids, Freedom Kids is at the fore of my mind. 

I will also be sharing some of our journey here. My immediate challenge is downsizing our 3 bedroom house to fit into a one bedrooom cottage!

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